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EVGA NVIDIA 7800GTX Now Takin' Apart - 07/19/05

Colin just purchased an EVGA NVIDIA 7800GTX, and of course something that cool can't come in this house without being taken apart. With a whopping transistor count of over 300 million, it is a beauty to behold. Check it out now in Takin' Apart!

ATI RADEON 9800 Pro Mac Edition Featured in Takin' Apart - 07/09/05

While reattaching the heatsink to my RADEON 9800 Pro, I decided I would take some pictures of it for Takin' Apart. The only modification you'll notice is a few copper heatsinks on the RAM chips to help with cooling. Check out this ATI power!

New Dnet Client Released - 07/01/05

This one is for all of the Team Freezee Pop members. has released a new version of their client. Download and update today!

Whoa, Something Changed - 07/01/05

Freezee Pop has been completely redone with a new design, look, feel, and layout. The main links above have been shuffled to better suit visitor needs, links to the search and site map have been placed at the bottom of every page, and "sub-section" links are now accessible under the title of each page. The design also incorporates lots of CSS and XHTML improvements, which should allow for easier visual updates in the future (there is even one CSS3 property in there). Of course, as with any major change such as this, there are bound to be broken links, typos, missing files, or just plain funky behavior. If you do encounter any problems, feel free to E-mail me.

Pictures! - 06/02/05

Images from the LAN Party are now available. Check it out!

FP LAN '05 Over - 5/29/05

The LAN Party is over! It was a great success too! 15 people with computers showed up and two spectators as well! Thanks to everyone that came. Check out details on the LAN party page.

Freezee Pop Announces FP LAN '05 - 5/01/05

On May 27th, the gamin' begins! Make sure to sign up early, for there are a limited number of spots. For more details and to register, just head on over to the FP LAN '05 page. Just no crying when you get owned.

Freezee Pop 100th News Post - 4/30/05

Today, Freezee Pop celebrates its 100th news post! Look for new things in the upcoming months, including one announcement tomorrow. Also of note, the Pepsi/iTunes Cap Count of '05 is over. Ali came in the lead with 64 redeemed songs, and Patrick purchased the most Pepsis - 90! Congrats to all! The final count is available here.

PowerBook G3 and XFX NVIDIA 6600GT Exposed - 3/20/05

Devin brings us yet another great set of photos. This time, it is of a Apple PowerBook G3 in pieces. Check it out! Plus, Colin provides us with images of a XFX NVIDIA 6600GT. All of these plus more can be found in the Takin' Apart section.

Pepsi iTunes Cap Count '05 - 1/31/05

Apple and Pepsi have launched another free song promotion, and Freezee Pop is there for the competition! This year we have Ali, Ben, Alan, and last year's winner, Patrick competing. We're going simple this time around, with only a basic count, simply because last year was just too much work.

Desktop Craziness - 1/22/05

Several new images for your desktop have been place in the Desktops section. The first is one you are already familiar with, Aspen Fire, but now in Widescreen format. The other ones were all taken during my offroading trip at Mud Springs Trail in Arizona. They include Canyon, Wash, Fog, Distance, and a panoramic view of the mountains, labeled Mud Springs Widescreen and Dual Monitor - perfect for those with two monitors or a display that sports a 2560x1600 res. Check out all of the new desktops on page 3 of the real desktops.

Takin' Apart a Dreamcast - 1/6/05

The first update of 2005 comes thanks to Clarke, who decided to take apart his SEGA Dreamcast this week. He snapped several photos, and they have been added to Freezee Pop's Takin' Apart section. Check out a SEGA Dreamcast in pieces!

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