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Dnet Butt-Kickin' - 12/6/04

Team Freezee Pop is really chugging along! According to the stats, our current overall rank is 161 and our rank for yesterday alone was 94! Congrats to the eight active team members who are crankin' out those work units like mad. Keep up the good work, and if you haven't joined yet, join now!

Cleanup Still in Progress - 11/13/04

Though CowVault tried to tear us all down again, we survived. During the cleaning process, some CSS snuck its way into a bit of the HTML. Hopefully more will be added in the next few weeks.

CowVault Strikes Again! - 10/31/04

... This time with pollution! That's right, everyone's favorite halloween character, CowVault, is at it again, terrorizing Freezee Pop (which thanks to him is no longer frozen). Cleanup will have to take place over the next week or so. Have a happy halloween and stay away from them monkeys!

Sun Microsystems Ultra 5 in Takin' Apart - 10/2/04

Posted in Takin' Apart are some pictures of our most recent acquirement, a 360MHz Sun Ultra 5 Workstation. Click here to view the photos.

SEGA CD and Genesis in Pieces - 9/13/04

Robert recently took apart both his SEGA CD and Genesis, and brought them over to my place for pictures. The images are available in the Takin' Apart section. In addition, he also made a nifty Lego case for it. Check it out!

Small Update - 9/11/04

Many more products have been added to the Freezee Pop shops, and the shop sidebar has been updated to reflect some of the new products. Also, I have added Google's Free WebSearch to the site to make things a bit easier to find. It can be accessed from the bottom of this page or from Enjoy!

Bovine 2.0 Beta - 8/14/04

Mac geeks rejoice! Patrick has decided to let loose a shiny new beta of Bovine for all to enjoy. The changes include no more useless restart button, minor interface changes, and some under the hood clean-up. Get it now!

You've Seen a New One, How About Old? - 8/7/04

Thanks to Devin, a new set of images has been added to Takin' Apart. He disassembled an Apple PowerBook 520 and photographed it. He even got it to run off of two 9 volt batteries!! (for about six minutes. hehe). Takin' Apart has also been changed a little to match the new Desktops section's theme. Check it out, yo!

Another Widescreen Desktop Image - 8/7/04

The latest addition to the Desktops section is an image of inter-city beauty. It is a picture of the I-10/I-19 interchange, "The Crossing," in Tucson, AZ. It was taken at the ribbon-cutting ceremony today. You can get it in resolutions proper for widescreens, dual-monitor setups, or standard 4:3.

Desktop Image Fun - 8/4/04

Oops, missed a month there. Sorry about that. Anyway, I changed all of the desktop images from being compressed as Stuffit files, to now just .zip files for better compatibility. I also added a (somewhat) new desktop image. You will recognize it as the "Mountain" image which has been around for quite some time. This though, has been modified for high-res widescreen displays and dual monitor setups. It goes up to dual-screen 2560x1600, for all of you with two Apple 30" Cinema Displays. The download links include the files for both single and dual setups. Check it out.

See A PowerBook's Guts - 6/23/04

The latest addition to Takin' Apart is thanks to Craig, who recently upgraded the hard drive in his Apple 12" PowerBook. The innards of the machine are extremely complex, plus the steps to get inside it are too. Check out the images of it in pieces!

Three New Desktop Pictures - 6/23/04

With the refinement of the Desktops section just complete, I decided that it would be nice to add a bit more content. The three new backgrounds are titled "Sleepy," "Puppy," and "Grass" in order to keep with my original naming scheme. Check them out in the Real Desktops section.

Site Updates - 6/23/04

The main News page has been slightly altered. The Older News section has been cleaned and organized, plus Random Crap has received a face lift as well. Also, the Desktops section has been completely overhauled, to better match the rest of the site. If you experience any problems, let me know.

More Parts 'n' Pieces - 6/1/04

Many pictures have been added to the Takin' Apart page. They include images of ATI's RADEON 9000 Pro Mac Edition, D-Link's PCMCIA 802.11b wireless card (DWL-650 Rev P), and Creative's Nomad Jukebox (thanks to Ali). Check 'em out.

New Freezee Pop LAN '04 Pic - 6/1/04

Ali put together a nice display of the 72 bottles of Bawls that were empty after the party. Check out the picture in the LAN Party Images section!

Clarke & Stark Now Open - 5/31/04

After a long, long, long, long time of "Coming Soon," Clarke & Stark is finally open! Visit it today!

It's Over! - 5/24/04

The Freezee Pop '04 LAN Party has come to an end. A total of 11 gamers showed up and helped make it the best Freezee Pop LAN Party ever! Check out the images from the party. I hope to see everyone that was there again next year for more fraggin' action!

Only A Day Away - 5/21/04

The Freezee Pop LAN Party is only one day away! Here's a little sample of what is already waiting. Also, a LAN Party Image page has been added for pictures of the party. See you all soon!

Halo 1.05 Update for Mac OS X - 5/20/04

The Halo 1.05 update is available for download. Update your copy for the LAN Party.

Call of Duty Added to LAN Party Games List; More Updates - 5/17/04

Call of Duty has been added to the game list for the Freezee Pop LAN Party '04. Only a few more days until the party! Also, happy birthday to Ali who will be celebrating his 17th birthday on the 23rd, the day after the LAN party!

Dnet Client Update (v490) - 5/17/04

A new version of the client is available for download. It adds the OGR-P2 project, so make sure when you update you disable the OGR-P2 project, for Team Freezee Pop only crunches RC5-72. For update instructions and more details on how to disable OGR-P2, visit the Freezee Pop update instructions.

UT2004 v3204 Update for Windows - 5/14/04

Unreal Tournament 2004 version 3204 for Windows has been released. All Windows LAN Party Participants update now! Download here.

FP LAN '04 Desktop Image By Devin - 5/1/04

Devin has created a new desktop background image for this year's LAN Party. Check it out in the Computer Generated Desktops section. Thanks Devin!

Freezee Pop LAN Party 2004 - 5/1/04

Continuing the tradition, Freezee Pop is proud to announce its third annual LAN Party, which will be held on Saturday, May 22. Please visit the oldernews LAN Party Page for more information. If you wish to attend, email your name and computer specs to: [email protected]. Hope to see you there! Stats Back Up - 4/17/04

After the death of's stats box, a new machine is up and the stats are once again available. Team Freezee Pop held its position during the downtime, and is currently ranked 171 out of the 3,795 registered teams. Keep up the crackin'.

Pepsi/iTunes Cap Count Competition Ends - 4/1/04

The Pepsi/iTunes free song promotion is officially over and the numbers are in. Patrick had both the highest amount bought and won, Ali claimed the best win to buy ratio, and I claimed the worst win to buy ratio. Thanks to all who participated! The stats can be found here.

Freezee Pop Turns 2 - 3/28/04

Today is Freezee Pop's second birthday. It's a celebration!

Fixed Windows IE FP Shop Image Spacing Error - 3/20/04

If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows, you probably noticed a few gaps which appeared in the Freezee Pop Shop bar on the right side of this page (those gaps should not have been there). The issue has finally been resolved through the use of PHP and a bit of table rearrangement. Hope it looks better now!

Freezee Pop Gets a RSS Feed - 3/13/04

Cell phone users and news geeks rejoice! Freezee Pop now officially sports a RSS Feed available at

Cap Count Update - 3/1/04

I would like to welcome Ali to the competition, who will be replacing Devin. So far, Patrick is in the lead for both the total amount of Pepsi's bought and the amount of free songs won (39!). Ali has the highest won to bought ratio, with Mark not far behind. Everyone's stats are better than the advertised "one out of every three caps is a winner." Only one month left!

More Things in Pieces - 2/2/04

I just added several more items in the "Takin' Apart" section. They include a Sun SparcStation 5, PowerMac 6100, Maxtor Hard Drive, and also several other pictures of random parts I had laying around. Go check them out.

The Race Continues - 2/2/04

Mark has joined in the race, and there have already been several free songs won!

The Race is on!!! - 2/1/04

In light of Apple and Pepsi's new "100 Million Free Songs" promotion, Patrick suggested that he, Devin, and I all race to see who can win the most free songs. You can view daily stats here, and see the songs that each one of us (Patrick, Devin, Alan) has chosen with our winning caps. The race begins today. Check out Apple's page for more information on the promotion.

Apple Store in Tucson! - 1/24/04

Today was the grand opening of the La Encantada Apple Store in Tucson, AZ. Check out some of the pictures Patrick, Ali, and I took while at the opening. If you are ever around the Tucson area, make sure to check out the store!

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