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The Holidays Are Upon Us! - 12/22/03

As you can see, Freezee Pop has changed to reflect that. My small gift to you this Holiday Season is a collection of Christmas light images made completely from scratch. My motivation to make these was a result of not finding any images on the web of Christmas lights which I liked. You can download them here, in the Photoshop Document and JPEG formats. Have fun during the holidays, eat some pudding.

Christmas Light

New Client Available - 12/7/03

Download it from the Client Download page and update your old client. For update instructions, refer to the Freezee Pop dnetc update instructions page. Happy crackin'!

Update - 11/21/03

Team Freezee Pop's team ID number has changed to 28114. You might want to update all bookmarks and links to reflect this change:

Bovine 1.3 - 11/18/03

Bovine 1.3 is available for download. New to this version, is the ability to have your client automatically start when you launch Bovine. Download it today. It's so good, it even makes the cow dance.

Team Freezee Pop Chugs Along - 11/18/03

Just a quick summary on the Team stats, currently we are holding steady at an overall rank of 179 out of the 3,574 registered teams, have crunched 339,232 blocks, average 0.011 blocks/sec, and have been going at it for 348 days (the Team is almost a year old, yay!). Remember, anyone can join, so if you have a spare computer or aren't always maxing out your main computer, why not donate a few of those CPU cycles to Team Freezee Pop?

Bovine 1.2 Unleashed! - 11/9/03

Welcome in the latest and greatest build of Bovine, version 1.2, created by Patrick Valenzuela. The simple and easy to use GUI front-end to the Mac OS X client should help get your computer crackin' at that encryption right away. Bovine 1.2 is optimized for Panther. Check out Bovine in action (Quicktime 6 Required), or just Download your copy and get crackin' today!


Bovine Update - 10/29/03

Bovine 1.1.2 is out. It now remembers where your executable is located. Download now.

Introducing Bovine 1.1 - 10/27/03

The latest build of the easy to use Bovine, version 1.1, is out! This GUI front-end to the Mac OS X client should help get you crackin' right away. Includes a totally refined interface, Dock menu, and is now optimized for Panther. Download your copy today!


Welcome Home! - 10/15/03

If you are seeing this news bit, then our switch to a new host and name servers was successful. The new host is (though the .mac webspace will still be utilized for more bandwidth intensive files). You may want to check them out, for they are currently offering 3 years of 500 MB of webspace with many goodies for FREE! The new host allows Freezee Pop more flexibility than ever, so don't be surprised if you see some changes soon. If you experience any problems or run into a broken link, please contact me at [email protected].

Freezee Pop Is Here To Stay - 10/5/03

At least for another year...

Team Freezee Pop Breaks Into Top 200! - 8/25/03

Though not many updates have occurred at this website in the last month, our team, Team Freezee Pop, has no doubt continued to work it's way to the top, and yesterday we broke into the top 200. Team Freezee Pop is currently ranked 197 out of 3,465, and has submitted 954,633,790,947,328 keys (222,268 blocks). If you have not yet joined the team, now's a good time to do so. Check out more stats here.

New Freezing Desktop Picture - 7/28/03

Can't stand the summer heat? Then go cool yourself (and your computer) off by downloading "Ice Blast," the latest addition to the Freezee Pop Desktops section.

Freezee Pop's Mascot Arrives In The Mail - 7/11/03

Just incase you didn't know, this website is named after the South Park character Kenny, who freezes to death in Episode 202, and is then called a "Freezee Pop" by one of the other characters, Eric Cartman. Lucky for us, has recently begun selling Frozen Kenny Plushes. To celebrate this, I bought one, and added him to the collection.


PS2 In Pieces - 7/11/03

Pictures of the insides of a PS2 are now posted in the section Takin' Apart. This dissection was to fix the DVD-ROM Drive, so only enough to get into that drive was removed. There are many more pieces and parts that can be taken out, but unfortunately we did not have the time to completely gut the system. Also included are pictures of the Network Adapter and 40 GB Hard Drive which comes with the PS2 Linux Kit. Go check it out.

More Fire - 7/11/03

Just added more pictures I took of the Aspen Fire a few days back. Go here, and scroll down a bit to see them.

Freezee Pop and Fire? - 7/3/03

Currently, the United States' largest wildfire so far this year, the Aspen Fire on Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, AZ, is visible from my front window. Yesterday, the fire began to head down the southern side of the mountain, making for a great view from the city of Tucson. During some of my free time, I went ahead and took some pictures of the mountain, and have posted them here. I also turned my favorite picture into a desktop image, and placed it in the Desktops section of Freezee Pop.

Say Hello To Bovine - 7/1/03

Your new friend is here. Its name, Bovine. Dnet a bit to complicated for you, or are you just tired of having to launch the Terminal and then remember the commands ever time you just want to start up the crunching client? Then this application is for you. Created by Patrick Valenzuela, this cocoa program will simplify your life. Go and download it now (Mac OS 10.2 and later only)!

Introducing: Takin' Apart - 7/1/03

Today, we introduce a new section to Freezee Pop, this one dedicated to pictures of electronics in pieces. Takin' Apart currently contains pictures of an Xbox, Linksys Router, Bondi iMac, Indigo iMac, Pro Mouse, and an iPod Power Adapter, all showing off their beautiful insides. This section is not a step-by-step guide, but rather a place for you to look if you are interested in what the guts of this cool stuff looks like. The section will continue to grow as TeMPeSt and I continue to take apart more and more goods. Coming soon, PS2. To view Takin' Apart, just click on the link in the Random Crap section.

Team Freezee Pop Update - 6/27/03

Today, we welcome a new member to the team, bringing the total member count up to six. Currently, Team Freezee Pop is ranked number 220 out of 3,285. Keep up the good work.

Feels Empty Above - 6/14/03

The LAN party has now been over for a few weeks, so I decide to remove the link from the top of the News page, and relocate it to the Random Crap page. All of the LAN party pages are still here. While doing that, I also reorganized the Random Crap section a bit. See for yourself.

House Cleaning Continues - 6/7/03

More cleanup to the html of Freezee Pop is being/has been done. If you notice errors, bugs, or rendering problems, email me. Thanks.

Chatter About the FP Continues Around Town - 6/6/03

A new picture has been sent into us, proving that even big-screen Hollywood movie stars are talking about Freezee Pop. This picture was sent into us from Clarke, showing two characters from the movie "Finding Nemo," proclaiming their love for Freezee Pop.


More Stuff To Buy - 6/6/03

The Freezee Pop Shop now includes many more items such as clocks, long sleeve T-shirts, BBQ Aprons, Teddy Bears, and Postcards. A few more items have also been added to the Team Freezee Pop Shop. So go buy something today!

Randomness is Goodness - 5/28/03

The "Freezee Pop Shop" sidebar has been updated, and will (or should) now display pictures of different products available at the Freezee Pop Shop. Check it out by refreshing this page a few times.

New Desktop Image - 5/21/03

With the Second Annual Freezee Pop LAN Party just days away, why not dress up your desktop to fit? This unique design was created by my friend, Devin, specifically for the Freezee Pop LAN Party. Download and enjoy.

FPLAN Desktop

New Mac Pre-Release Client - 5/10/03

Improves performance. Download Mac OS X Client now. Go here for update instructions.

Small History Lesson - 5/7/03

Small updates have occurred to the Freezee Pop History page.

Team Freezee Pop Update - 4/20/03

Good job Team Freezee Pop members, today we broke into the top 300! Our current rank is 299. Keep up the good work.

New Game Added - 4/20/03

A new game has been added to the LAN party game list, Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix.

More LAN Party Updates - 4/19/03

The Freezee Pop LAN party page has been updated to a more finished look. Now posted is general information, machine specs of the participants, and links to the updates for the games. Go check it out.

Second Annual LAN Party - 4/17/03

It's that time again. Time to brush up on your mad gamin' skillz for the second annual Freezee Pop LAN Party. For more information, visit this page which will be continuously updated.

Another Present! - 3/28/03

Ok, this one isn't a good thing. At the time of this posting, you probably can not see this because the domain is down. This is due to a DoS attack on the DNS servers that uses (their traffic jumped from a normal 20 MB/sec to 200 MB/sec!). For more details, go to If you ever have problems reaching again, use the address Sorry for the problems.

A New Desktop Pic - 3/28/03

I love playing with Adobe Photoshop. Here's another desktop picture I made, this one titled "Bright Water." Go and download it from the Computer Generated section of the Desktops.

365 Days Old - 3/28/03

Happy Birthday! Today, Freezee Pop is officially one year old. In just one year, this site has gained an official domain name, changed looks, started an extremely powerful team, made a short movie, shared desktop pictures, gained it's own product line, and much more. Thanks to all of the people who have made Freezee Pop what it is today, and who will continue to change it for the better. Keep coming back, because Freezee Pop still has much more to bring you in the coming years. Make sure to keep your eyes open for more to come today.

101 Days Old and Still Kickin' - 3/15/03

Today, Team Freezee Pop is 101 days old, and still kicking much ass! Let's keep it up!

Team Freezee Pop Merchandise Available - 3/9/03

Yupper, now you can let everyone know that you are a part of Team Freezee Pop. Just visit the new store at and buy away.

Team Freezee Pop Keeps Gettin' Better - 3/8/03

In the last few days, Team Freezee Pop has jumped up an amazing 200 places in the rankings and to celebrate, I decided that Team Freezee Pop should have its own page located on the Freezee Pop website. This page can be accessed at The page includes everything from instructions, to links to the stats, and even the Team Freezee Pop logos. And make sure to keep an eye out for a Team Freezee Pop Shop coming soon.

Two Big Ones (x2) - 3/7/03

Tempest and I (Squeaks) have just acquired two new Dual 1.25 GHz G4 Towers (one for each). Damn, they are sweet and fast as hell. And of course they have been put to work already on to help Team Freezee Pop take over the world! Check the stats page to see the ass kickage. On a different note, I just fixed a problem which caused the background image on the Freezee Pop News page to repeat itself. Now back to playing with my tower.

Watch Out x86 Crackers - 2/28/03

A prerelease of the client for Mac OS X has Altivec, 604e, and 603e optimizations and is now available for download. If you have a G4 at least more than four times faster than the original unoptimized client. Click here to download now! Click here for install instructions, or click here for update instructions.

Still Crackin' - 2/24/03

Another member has just joined Team Freezee Pop on! With that said, a little look at the stats show that Team Freezee Pop currently has five active members, cracks an average of 3,478,506 keys/sec for a total of 24,644,522,344,448 keys, and ranks number 984. Keep up the good work team members, and for all of you who aren't on the team yet, join now!

Nice And Clean - 2/15/03

I just finished cleaning up the html that makes Freezee Pop possible and while at it, also eliminated a problem where the News page would not render correctly under Internet Explorer on Windows.

A Store? - 2/2/03

One may ask why would Freezee Pop need a shop? And I would simply answer because we can. So as you probably already noticed, Freezee Pop has added a shop that is brought to you by If you like Freezee Pop, hate Freezee Pop or just don't care, feel free to buy from us at anytime. Links to the store are located on the right and one more is available in the Random Crap section.

Software - 2/1/03

For all of you who have a TI-89 calculator, TeMPeSt has just finished making a few programs for ya. Check them out over in the Software section.

Update? - 1/26/03

A small, but much needed update is finally here. Another person has just joined Team Freezee Pop. So just incase your not counting (everyone is, right?), we're now up to four members! Ready to join yet?

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