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Song Title
I Fought The Law
Green Day
I Fought the Law
Dogs (Live)
Roger Waters
Fortunate Son
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Fortunate Son
The Cure
The Beautiful People
Marilyn Manson
The Beautiful People
Freetime (Hello Kenna Mix)
Freetime (Hello Kenna Mix)
Block Rockin' Beats
The Chemical Brothers
Block Rockin' Beats
Dig Your Own Hole
The Chemical Brothers
Dig Your Own Hole
Nature Boy
David Bowie & Massive Attack
Nature Boy
Rider On the Storm
The Doors
Riders On the Storm
Fiona Apple
Faith No More
Under Pressure
Queen & David Bowie
Under Pressure
14 The Last One Alive/Angelite VAST The Last One Alive/Angelite
15 Free/Zulu VAST Free/Zulu
16 I Don't Have Anything VAST I Don't Have Anything
17 The Gates of Rock 'n' Roll VAST The Gates of Rock 'n' Roll
18 What Else Do I Need/Epithala... VAST What Else Do I Need/Epithalamica Excerpts
19 Blue VAST Blue
20 Land of Shame VAST Land of Shame
21 A Better Place VAST A Better Place
22 Song Without a Name/Virgines... VAST Song Without a Name/Virgines Caste Excerpts
23 We Will Meet Again VAST We Will Meet Again
24 My TV and You VAST My TV and You
25 Also sprach Zarathustra, Open... Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra Also sprach Zarathustra, Opening (2001: A Space Odyssey)
26 Hey Man Nice Shot Filter Hey Man Nice Shot
27 The Mess We're In P.J. Harvey The Mess We're In
28 Sunburn Muse Sunburn
29 Seven Nation Army The White Stripes Seven Nation Army
30 Sunshine of Your Love Cream Sunshine of Your Love
31 Take California Propellerheads Take California
32 Oye Como Va Tito Puente Oye Como Va
33 Cut Your Ribbon Sparta Cut Your Ribbon
34 House of Jealous Lovers The Rapture House of Jealous Lovers
35 You Get What You Give New Radicals You Get What You Give
36 Rabbit in Your Headlights U.N.K.L.E. Rabbit in Your Headlights
37 Cocaine Eric Clapton Cocaine
38 Another Day Statistics Another Day
39 Air Sparta Air
40 Request + Line Black Eyed Peas & Macy Gray Request + Line
41 Mye Sparta Mye
42 Collapse Sparta Collapse
43 Sans Cosm Sparta Sans Cosm
44 Light Burns Clear Sparta Light Burns Clear
45 Cataract Sparta Cataract
46 Red Alibi Sparta Red Alibi
47 Rx Coup Sparta Rx Coup
48 Glasshouse Tarot Sparta Glasshouse Tarot
49 Echodyne Harmonic Sparta Echodyne Harmonic
50 Assemble the Empire Sparta Assemble the Empire
51 Channel Surfing Feature Cast Channel Surfing
52 Shut Up Black Eyed Peas Shut Up
53 Sleep to Dream Fiona Apple Sleep to Dream
54 Sullen Girl Fiona Apple Sullen Girl
55 Shadowboxer Fiona Apple Shadowboxer
56 Slow Like Honey Fiona Apple Slow Like Honey
57 The First Taste Fiona Apple The First Taste
58 Never Is a Promise Fiona Apple Never Is a Promise
59 The Child Is Gone Fiona Apple The Child Is Gone
60 Pale September Fiona Apple Pale September
61 Carrion Fiona Apple Carrion
62 (A Memory) Statistics (A Memory)
63 Hours Seemed Like Days Statistics Hours Seemed Like Days
64 (A Flashback) Statistics (A Flashback)
65 Cure Me Statistics Cure Me
67 From Here On Out KMFDM From Here On Out
68 Blackball KMFDM Blackball
69 Jihad KMFDM Jihad
70 Last Things KMFDM Last Things
71 Pity for the Pious KMFDM Pity for the Pious
72 Brackish Kittie Brackish
73 Olio The Rapture Olio
74 Heaven The Rapture Heaven

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