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More Celebrating - 12/30/02

Just when you thought it was all over, one more holiday rolls in. Yup, it's gonna be 2003. So, what are your new year resolutions? But a new year isn't the only thing to celebrate, a third person has joined Team Freezee Pop! Now it's your turn.

Happy... err... Merry Christmas! - 12/25/02

Just wishin' everyone a Merry Christmas. And for all of you who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays! Oh, and make sure to eat lots of food.

A Bit of Help - 12/23/02

Just incase you where having a hard time figuring out how to join Team Freezee Pop on, we have made some instructions to help you out. You can view them here.

A Small Gift For You - 12/22/02

I was looking around for a decent holiday desktop picture this weekend, but had a hard time finding one I liked, so I have made my own and decided to share it with everyone. Download it here.

See What Everyone's Saying About Freezee Pop - 12/14/02

See what happens when your friends stay up late and get bored? Actually it's some pretty sweet Photoshop work done by my friend povvy. Go and check it out!

Team Freezee Pop - 12/4/02

It's that time again. A new project for crackin' RC5-72 encryption has begun at! And to get involved in this event, we have created Team Freezee Pop. Currently there are only two members, but we hope more will join such as yourself. If your computer is the one that cracks it, you get to enjoy the beauty of $$$. Download the client and join Team Freezee Pop now!

Join Team Freezee Pop on

A PS2 Movie - 11/24/02

I finally got off my lazy ass and made something... only because I had to. Actually, I just finished up a project for my english class, which included a movie. My topic was on Sony, so I decided to make a movie that shows some of the games on the PS2. Now I think I will let the whole world see it, so go get it!

We 0wnz The - 11/20/02

That's right, we now own the domain name This is just one more step to making this website a tid bit more professional and easier for everyone to use. So I now encourage you to use, instead of our old address.

Not Desktop Pictures! - 11/13/02

I have finally added a little more to this website (other than just desktop pictures). Under the "Random Crap" section, you can now find links to some of my friend's websites and a small history about the Freezee Pop website. That's all for now.

And More... - 11/5/02

Three more desktop pictures have been added, all of which you can download here. I know, I know... more desktop pictures are probably getting boring, so I will try to come up with some different content to add. Until then, have fun playing with all of the beautiful desktop pictures.

Even More Desktop Images - 10/28/02

Five new desktop pictures have been added under the "Real Desktop Pictures" section.

New Site Design - 10/20/02

Welcome to the new and improved (we hope) Freezee Pop! As you can see we recently completely overhauled the site. Although there is not much here right now, we hope to bring you more content within the next few weeks.

More Desktop Images - 10/20/02

Just added four new desktop pictures, all of which where created from scratch in Adobe Photoshop 7. You can stop by and check them out here.

We're Still Alive - 4/14/02

This is a kind of pointless update, but I wanted to do something. I hate it when websites go stale! To change the site a bit I added seperator lines between the updates on this page and I made the "Freezee Pop" in the copyright info into an email link so you can email us. On a good note, our Folding@home team has busted into the top 1000 =)

More Work - 3/31/02

Nothing happened yesterday but we did do some big stuff for today. Alan finished the nav bar which now makes this site feel more complete and we used jpegs for the title so Internet Explorer (stupid M$ piece of shit!) displays the title and gradient correctly.

Purdify Those Desktops - 3/29/02

Hell must have frozen over. Freezee Pop actually has stuff on it other than self promoting rants. Just in case you don't know where to find this elusive new stuff, click here. Expect more stuff to happen tommorrow.

Hi World! - 3/28/02

Stuff is slowly falling into place and making this feel like it may actually be a website. As the week goes on, more stuff will receive some needed attention and become useful, pretty, and functional. Hopefully everything will be up and running without problems by the end of spring break.

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