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Freezee Pop History:

Want to know where we came from? What we have done? Learn all that and more at the Freezee Pop History page.

Links To Friends' Websites:

p0wY PURPLE - All about mixing Pepsi Blue with Mountain Dew Code Red to create a delicious purple mix.
povvy - A personal website by Patrick.
Crazy Thinkers - A site by Clarke which he uses to display some of his bad ass artwork
Sparky is Cool 2003 - A page devoted to Sparky, "A super hero dog who fights evil genius babies from Canada..." eh?
Clarke & Stark - Ok, so its not only one of my friends' site because I'm also involved in it, but check it out anyway.

Pepsi/iTunes Cap Count Challenge:

Here are the results from the 2005 challenge. 2004 can be viewed here.

Christmas Lights!

Here are some Christmas lights I made in Photoshop. Feel free to use them for whatever you want!

Something Broken?

If you have discovered any problems on the Freezee Pop website such as dead links, layout bugs, etc., notify us at [email protected].

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